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  1. Lewie,

    I am reading “The Sickness unto Death” by Kierkegaard, and it is AMAZING. The entire book is about insecurity, how insecurity leads to despair, how insecurity leads to pride and all forms of sin, the absurdity of insecurity and constructing false selfs, and the solution of accepting oneself as oneself truly is as God designed. It’s like a handbook on overcoming insecurity and self-destructive living.

    I’d be surprised if you haven’t read it, and if indeed you haven’t, you already know it. I’m just surprised its all laid out in one book.

    • Looks like I’m gonna have another book to borrow when I see you next, haha. Your book recommendations always resonate with me! I’m slowly enjoying the David Bentley Hart book you loaned me, and I’ve even picked up two of his other books for myself. One of them is his translation of the NT. It’s Hart’s attempt to translate the Greek as literally as possible. What’s valuable about his translation is that a lot of the NT authors’ personal writing styles come through. I’d be interested to know what you think of the translation, actually. Thanks for another book for my ever-expanding list, haha.

      • Oh wait… I thought bdawg’s comment was actually a post from Lewie recommending “The Sickness unto Death” 😛 my mistake… but I’m still gonna check it out, bdawg 🙂

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