Insight #1: Asking penetrating questions is essential to making followers of Jesus.

“The right question asked at the right time will change a life forever.”

Jesus asked piercing questions. In the New Testament there are recorded over 180 questions that Jesus asked. It is especially interesting to look at the specific questions that Jesus asked his twelve disciples over the three years during which he was cultivating them to become followers of him.
The heart is impenetrable. Questions are a subtle means to unlock her mysteries and release the life to fulfill the purpose for which the Lord has created his child. The right question asked at the right time will change a life forever.

Here are a couple of Lewie’s favorites:

  • Picture your own funeral. What do you want your family, friends and co-workers to say about your life?
  • What might God want you to hear in the events of your life? Have the difficulties you have faced made you bitter or better?
  • Who are the people who have had the greatest positive impact on your life? What outstanding characteristics or attributes do you admire in these people?
  • What has been the most fulfilling event of your life? Why?
  • What is your genuine sustained passion?
  • Have you noticed a pattern of God’s movement in your life?
  • What disabling weakness do you have and how are you trying to overcome it?
  • Describe your relationship with your dad. Describe your relationship with your mother.

(I have over 200 questions that I can email you upon request.)

22 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Lewie,

    Would love a copy of your 200 questions. I was directed here by Justin B… and just wanted to say that I appreciate your work… it’s been a big encouragement to me as I have begun planning my first discipleship relationships with two teens in the youth group I volunteer with.

    Trying to be like Him,


  2. Hello,

    I would really appreciate your list. When you go to my website you will see how important questions are.

    I have developed a series of questions called In-Coding. This twelve hour process aligns individuals and business with their God given mission.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Dear Lewie,
    It has been looong time I have had chance to learn from you.
    We have our national conference comming up in april and we are talking about descipleship and how to effectively pass it on for the other to continue making desciples. As I was reading through your blog I have realized that such list of 200 question would be very practical tool for all 600 participants from all over the country of Slovakia. Could we get it and translate it and give it out?


  4. Lewie,

    Thank you for doing this blog. Christ truly shines through you and draws people closer to him. You are a great man with an amazing heart for God.

    Will you please send me a copy of your 200 questions too?

    Thank you,
    Lynn Wright Johnston

  5. Hey Lewie,

    I have your book at home and got a lot out of it – especially the questions. Would it be cool if you sent me a copy that I could keep in email form as well?

    – Caleb

  6. Hello, I work with Kompas in Slovakia the ministry Danny Jones Started. I really enjoyed your book and wondered if you could send the list of 200 questions, thanks!

  7. Lewie,

    could you please get me the full list of questions? loved the book, but I lost my copy and need to secure these for more of my own disciple-making endeavors. Appreciate the real approach to all this you have taken. Thx –

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