Discipleship Insights

I have hesitated to write about making followers of Jesus for a couple of reasons. First, discipleship is something that is experienced rather than “book learned.” Second, my understanding of making disciples is evolving. Each year I discover a critical component which expands my understanding of what it means to follow Jesus. Nevertheless, several have asked me to share insights concerning discipleship that I have learned over the years. I trust that the lessons from my journey will be a help to you as we seek together to fulfill the great commission in our generation.

One thought on “Discipleship Insights

  1. Hello Lewie,

    I think I got a question from Justin B. asking about some video clips that I shot of you at Celebration in LR.

    I’m still not sure about finding my way around youtube. The vid is up there. If there is someone that can make it better, say the word. I didn’t want it to get lost.

    I think it is great – even if I did shoot it. God spoke thru you. God Bless you
    Remember your visits with John.

    home: 8681235
    Thank you Lewie for sharing a little life in LR.

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