Singleness Insight #2

Singles were on the cutting edge of the first century kingdom movement.

Key leaders of the kingdom of God in the first century were single, notably Paul and Barnabas (See 1 Corinthians 9:6). What is striking to me in reading the Biblical account is how little the marital status of a person plays into kingdom leadership and responsibility. Paul was quick to snatch up a single Timothy to add to his team based on the qualification that his fellow disciples spoke well of him. Sure, many leaders were married, but some significant leaders were not.

Here are a couple of possible applications:

  1. Integrate singles into all aspects of the church and ministry. Nowhere else in society do we separate singles from the married except in the church. (I believe there is no place for a singles’ ministry in the church. Imagine the apostle Paul trying to get his mind around a typical church’s singles’ ministry.)
  2. Consider hiring a pastor or staff member who is single. The best leader in or for your church maybe single. Marriage is not a qualification for kingdom leadership.
  3. As a married person your best friend maybe a single, and for singles your best friend maybe a married person.

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