How To View Your Disciple

How I view my disciple has a powerful effect upon him. It is impossible to hide from another what I truly think about him. A channel of subliminal communication between my inner man and the hearts of others transmits my true thoughts and feelings no matter how hard I try and conceal them.

My disciple is a child of God who is the apple of His Father’s eye so my view of him and care for him should be such that it pleases his heavenly Father. Even how I speak of him to others is important because God is listening in on all my conversations. One way for me to express love to God is to love and honor His child.

Between the Borst and Quigley families there are six young children in our group in Chicago. This was their first week of school so at our family gathering we prayed for each child by name asking the Lord to bless them and protect them this school year. Now I am not sure in ten years that any of the children will remember that we prayed for them last night but I doubt their parents will ever forget that moment. Matt and Stacey Borst, Jeremy and Julia Quigley all love their children and one way to love them is to love their children. Recently Matt told me that nothing gets to his heart as a dad than for someone to love his kids.

I am sure that the heavenly Father’s heart swelled with delight when Paul told his disciples in Thessalonica: “For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you? Indeed, you are our glory and joy” (1 Thessalonians 2:19).

“How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you” (1 Thessalonians 3:9).


One thought on “How To View Your Disciple

  1. Love is such an incredible word in the English language, any language for that matter. Everyone knows the “love” chapter Paul wrote to the Corinthians. In that chapter, Paul mentions that “love does not seek it’s own”. Due to my weak and half-hearted walk with Jesus, i therefore, struggle with this foul, anti-Jesus spirit.
    (I am preparing to resist this spirit even to the shedding of blood).

    My wife and I decided long before we had our 4 children that we were not going to send them away to school, or hire others to watch them, that one of us would stay at home to teach and raise them ourselves…. I never dreamed the criticism we would soon receive from family and friends. The numbers and statistics were all in favor of homeschooling when considering how well homeschoolers do in the areas of self-esteem and grades. Not to mention all the kids (including myself) I have personaly seen led away from God and family through drinking, drugs, sexual perversion and just plain disrespect, most of which i saddly testify, have never recovered, and all of which learned these things when the parents were not in rule.

    Only one little problem with our desires to have children and raise them ourselves instead of allowing others to do it for us… It would cost us dearly!

    We soon found that we could no longer afford to live in South Lincoln Park or in Evanston as we did for so long. We could no longer have two brand new cars as we were accustomed to, neither would we have the freedom of going where and when we wanted while they were in the care of others. Our lives were altered drastically by the choices we made, but why we’re these silly choices made?

    Because of the love, care and concern we had for our children was greater than was our desire to own houses, own cars, save money, vacation twice a year….etc.
    This was the greatest step in “sacrificial love” either of us has ever given ourselves over to. I believe that God not only desires this Spirit toward our children, but in every facet of our lives!

    The devil knows how to destroy us wonderfully with the use of covetousness, greed and idolatry. I always let this opinion of “sacrificial love” known to any family that strives and claims Jesus as Lord of their lives, those that are ‘without’ I leave alone.

    My opinion is obvious, I believe all followers of Jesus should elevate God and others to the place of FIRST PRIORITY at all cost… What ever the cost.
    I myself, will not be content until I can no longer so much as look at my wife, kids or others with anything other than a smile of love, kindness and care. No more seeking my own selfish desires! ….What I hope for myself, I hope for all.

    Jesus put us as His highest priority beside God, we should live in this same Spirit.

    Many make the remark, “Well, this is easy for you to comment on because your the dad and get to run off to work each day.

    – The dad that stays home with the kids.

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