Loving Multiplication

Multiplication is implicit in the gospel with the fruit being individual lives. This raises the question for the followers of Jesus of how do we multiply while at the same time continuing to love one another well? Or asked in a different way, how are we to be inclusive and inviting without overextending the relational capability of the individual disciples or overreaching the capacity of the larger community to lovingly absorb new people? (To add new people to a group is easy; to engraft them to belong in a loving way is difficult and time consuming.)

Since our love for one another is what distinguishes us as followers of Jesus and what manifests God to the world, anything that threatens the integrity of this love is concerning because it will actually hinder the multiplication of disciple-making. Each person has a relational threshold and to add one more relationship past that limit leads to the neglect or disregard for already established relationships. To push people beyond that threshold is futile at best and harmful in many cases.

To love well one must have both the emotional energy and the time availability to serve others in a time of need, to listen to them in times of affliction, and to celebrate with them at special occasions.




One thought on “Loving Multiplication

  1. I can relate to this blog about people having different limits as it relates to their relational threshold. Sometimes it may have to do with their gifting or “handicap,” if you will, physically and/or emotionally, and sometimes it may relate to what they’ve been trained in or taught, especially in regards to relating or connecting with people. And, I suppose, a person’s “security” level may have something to do with it as well. But the Lord knows who can “invite” more people into their life and who should “invite” fewer into their life in order to experience healthy consequences and/or relationships. Knowing that the Lord knows me inside and out always comforts my heart.

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