The Marks of a Disciple

I spent this past weekend with Taylor and Jimmye Gardner who discipled me over thirty years ago. Being with the Gardners I was reminded of what it means to follow Jesus and of the kingdom values that they have exemplified throughout their lives.

To name a few:

  • Love.  To freely express affection and appreciation with others.
  • A Servant’s Heart.  Promptly lay down your life for others at the time of their need.
  • A Surrendered Heart. My trust in the Lord is evidenced my surrender to him.
  • Hospitality.  To open your home, marriage, and family to share the love of Jesus with others.  The dinner table is a place of ministry.
  • To Listen Well.
  • Believe in People. I always walk away from the Gardners feeling like I could charge hell with a water pistol.
  • Role of Suffering.  We must enter into the suffering of others because it is there that God is at work in their lives conforming them to become like Jesus and therefore advancing the kingdom of God.
  • Prayer.  I still remember sitting at the Gardner’s breakfast table 35 years ago praying through a stack of cards that had the names and/or pictures of individuals for whom they prayed regularly.


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